Testimonial 1

i can’t recommend Sandra highly enough. she has been an incredible ally in my quest to work through some long standing issues and accept myself for who i am, warts and all. she’s helped me understand patterns of behavior that i kept repeating even though they didn’t serve me at all (like working my butt off to take care of everyone around me, and then not taking care of myself at all). even better than that, she helped me learn how to recognize them in the moment and therefore stop doing them. i can’t say that it works every single time, but i can say that Sandra’s support, caring, deep listening skills, and overall partnership have helped me make serious strides in my life that i’m very grateful for.

when i decided to pursue therapy, i expected that it might take initial sessions with several people before i found someone i felt truly comfortable with. from the moment i set foot in Sandra’s office, i felt at ease, and i knew she was the person i wanted to work with. we built a trusting relationship quickly, and it has grown over time.

if you are looking for someone who will compassionately support you with any number of different issues/obstacles that you may be struggling with, Sandra is a consummate professional with great expertise and a huge heart.”

Lori H. Oakland CA